How To Install HipStore On Your iPhone

When we discussed best Installous alternatives we included HipStore in it and we also mentioned that this alternative is easy as it allows drag and drop feature. This app allows you to try any paid app for free as long as the IPA file for the same is available to download. Now let us see how to install HipStore on your iPhone via Cydia. Remember the main purpose of any app like this is to let you try any app before buying. so if you find the app good enough please buy it as developers spend a lot of energy and hard work to develop them.

HipStore Installation:

how to install HipStore on your iPhone

1) You must have a jailbroken device to go ahead with this app installation. So, if you don't have a jailbroken device. You should first jailbreak your iPhone.

2) Now install the appropriate AppSync on your device. If you are on iOS 5.x you would need AppSync 5.0+ and accordingly. 

3) Now you can add HipStore source. You should go to Cydia> Sources > Edit > Add. cydia.heaveniphone is the repo you should add.

HipStore is now added on your iDevice. Now let us see how to get cracked apps on iPhone with it.

How To Add Cracked iPA Files:

a) On your HipStore on your device (you need to select iPhone for iPhone and all) search for the app you are looking for or browse all the apps.

b) If that app is available in HipStore it will appear in results. Once you click an entry on search items it will show information, app details and download option. You can install the app by tapping the download button. Please don't exit HipStore until installation is finished or it might be stopped.

c) Open IPA installer (download one if you don't have it). The app you just installed should be there in Downloads section. Tap on it to install it on your device. You can enjoy the game or utility you just installed via HipStore now.....!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! This is exactly what I've been looking for!! It works perfectly and has all the great apps!! Other app stores I've downloaded have been awful! They either are very complicated to use or don't have the apps or force close and don't work at all!! This app is wonderful! Downloading three apps at once as I type this. You have brought life back to my old I pad. The apple store kept telling me I needed ios 6 to run the apps I wanted and my old I pad only goes to ios. 5.1.i thought id never get the apps I wanted. But I have them now and they run perfectly on my ios version!! Thank you again!! Perfect app store! !