iBook Tweak for Trichotillomania

What is Trichotillomania?

Before we go further to discuss this Cydia tweak for iBook, for Trichotillomania patients; let us see what this condition is. Trichotillomania is an impulsive control disorder in which the patients suffer from hair loss due to involuntary urges to twist the hairs; or to pull them off. As such patients have no control on this behavior and the hair loss gradually goes on increasing day by day.

This habit worsens when the patient is involved in activities where his hands are free or comparatively free; which is obvious too.
iBook Tweak for Trichotillomania

So how does Cydia tweak helps in Trichotillomania?

Well it does not stop patients playing with the hairs. But as this hair twisting and pulling activity is high while reading; it does something which stops this behavior by passive means. This Cydia tweak makes the person use two hands while they are reading on iBook app at all times. Thus the hand is not free for hair pulling and twisting. Simple way to keep the hands busy and save some hairs.
The app is called as iBook - Two hands and it is available for free (requires iOS 5.x or more). You can search for iBooks - Two Hands to get it on your jail-broken iPhone. It is available as freeware from BigBoss repo; author of this app is Shmoopi.
As said earlier; this tweak is focused for Trichotillomania affected people. Unless you have habit of reading with two hands in iBook; this app might not be useful for you.
The app setting panel can be used to switch on or off the tweak. This is really great idea to save some hair for Trichotillomania patients.
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