How To Backup Cydia Apps

Why Backup Cydia Apps?

Cydia allows you to break the shackles of Apple on your iPhone. But the most frustrating thing is when you update your iOS and go for one more jail-break all your Cydia apps are wiped out from the iPhone (it's been already proved Apple does not like Cydia...Ha ha). And this is really annoying for someone who is using a jail-broken iPhone as he/she is used to Cydia apps used earlier. In this article we will show you how to backup Cydia apps so you can reuse them after you have updated your iPhone operating system. This can be done by two means one is free backup (this is only working for paid Cydia apps you purchased) and one is by buying a paid backup service.

1) Free Backup:

The Cydia store is just like App store and it stores all your purchases. So you can backup Cydia apps from the Cydia store only. After you have installed the new iOS and done with the jailbreaking; login to your Cydia account. And go to Manage Account tab; all your purchased app should be sitting there. You can re-install them one by one. This is totally free and you can enjoy all your favorite Cydia apps and tweaks backed up. 

How To Backup Cydia Apps

backup cydia apps

Simple isn't it? But there are two issues with this easy way. First is you can only backup Cydia apps which were paid as Cydia stores only saves data for purchased app and not for the freebies. And second thing is this method won't allow you to download an app if it was pulled back by the developer.

2) Open Backup:

This is the cheapest backup service to backup Cydia apps. Once you have it installed on your device you can tap on "Backup" button to backup your Cydia apps and tweaks on iCloud or iTunes. Once you are done with the iOS update and all you can tap on restore thing and it will bring your apps and tweaks back on your device. 

3) xBackup:

This 1.50$ app is very good when it comes to save your Cydia data. This can also save your individual app settings which makes it more competitive at this small price. Methodology remains same here too, Backup Cydia apps, update the iOS and restore the Cydia apps and tweaks back on your iDevice.

4) PKGBackup:

This comes at slightly higher price of 8$ but this is very good when it comes to backup up your Cydia apps. This is highly recommended for power users who use Cydia a lot for so many apps and tweaks and want a secure and safe backup service. This app also allows you to save your backup at different places. You can save it at your address book, in your DropBox account or in Sugar Sync account. PKGBackup will scan your device for backup and will tell you which apps and tweaks need the backup. It will also let you choose what types of files you want to backup in certain Cydia app. 

The real downside of this backup is the high rate. But if you really use a lot of Cydia apps which are highly priced and all you can certainly go for this service.

Hope this helps to answer your question on How to backup Cydia apps. Please keep on visiting for latest Cydia tweaks and tricks. Bookmark us now so you don't miss the important Cydia updates.


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