The four Best Updated Cydia Tweaks Suitable for IOS 8.3

Apple regularly updates its software, much to the annoyance of its users. It takes around 15 minutes to download, and you need most of your battery intact in order for it to complete. But Apple users' frustration is our gain. As Cydia fans, it means many of our favorite tweaks will be upgraded to include even more useful features we're sure to love.

Four of our favorite tweaks that are compatible with the newest updates have been included below. There's something for everyone, include social media tweaks and productivity ones.

The four Best Updated Cydia Tweaks Suitable for IOS 8.3

#1: Vine++ 

Vine is a great app, especially if you like catching quick sports highlights or funny outtakes. But the regular Vine app does have some annoying aspects to it. Firstly, there's the loop. Some people love it, but for others, it turns them off of the social media site. Secondly, downloading vids is difficult if not impossible at times.

This free tweak puts an end to both of those problems. Vine++, which is free to download from repo BigBoss, allows you to download the Vines you want, and perhaps more importantly, turn off that annoying loop feature!

#2: CroppingScreen 

It's easy to take a screen print on an Apple device. But what happens if you only want to capture a small area? Unfortunately, you're screwed, and will have to download an editing tool in order to cut out the section you need. That's an annoyance, which is why CroppingScreen, another free tweak from the BigBoss repo, makes our list of favorite IOS 8.3 tweaks.

You use this tweak in the same way you would a screenshot, only now, you can use your finger to select the desired area. This is perfect for capturing codes, passwords, phone numbers or other important details.

#3: Segue 

The guys at Apple are meant to be creative geniuses. At least, that's what people say. But when selecting animation effects for your photos, it's hard to see where this genius reputation comes from. The best you'll find are a few boring animations, which really don't do much to liven up your pictures.

With Segue, you get a whole host of other animation options to enjoy. When browsing through your own pictures or sharing them with friends, you'll be able to show them off in a way that they deserve. You can enjoy flips, fade ins, ripples, and every other cool animation feature you'd expect on a $600 device. This is free to download, and just like the other two in our list so far can be found from the BigBoss repo.

#4: NoTracking 

As many apps now come with tracking features, we felt it was important to include this tweak on our list. These tracking features are somewhat creepy (who wants to be followed everywhere they go?) and are a total drain on battery life. Keep all your data personal, and preserve your battery life, by enjoying the benefits of NoTracking. This free to download updated tweak works by disabling apps from tracking you. Simple, yet insanely effective.

If you're somebody who values your privacy, this BigBoss tweak is definitely for you.


So there are our four favorite tweaks which have been updated especially to suit the latest version of Apple software.

As always, we'll keep bringing you the very best tweaks which will keep you safe, keep you productive, and make your life easier. We test each tweak before reviewing it, so you can be sure the four above have our personal recommendation. Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and tell us if you've found a tweak you'd recommend to others.

5 Cydia Tweaks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Apple and their current updates don't allow a user to have free reign of their device. This can lead to a lot of problems. Default settings and badly designed applications means getting the most out of your phone or tablet isn't always possible.

Thankfully, Cydia helps bypass many of these annoying restrictions with the help of useful tweaks. Here are 5 tweaks you can start using today which will make using your life that little bit easier.

1. Browser Changer 

While the app store has multiple browsers to choose from (Chrome, Mercury, etc), Safari always remains the default browser. With Browser Changer, you can fix that. All third-party links you open will then open up in your new default browser.
5 Cydia Tweaks That Will Make Your Life Easier

2. Dimmer 

Whether you're playing music at night or just have sensitive eyes, you'll want to dim your device more than is currently allowed. The lowest level of lighting Apple currently allow is still too bright for some. With Dimmer, you can lower your lighting levels to blackout. There's also a safety feature to get the brightness back quickly should you need it. Hit the more volume button four times and there will be light again.

3. LocationFaker 

Recently, there's been lots of talk about privacy. Since Snowden revealed how much the government were spying on citizens, there's been a call for more anonymity. With LocationFaker, you can pretend to be somewhere you're not. This app also doubles up as a way to bypass location filters. Lie about what country you're in, and enjoy benefits from services not available in your area.

4. Battery Safe

We all worry about our battery. With so many apps, videos and games to enjoy, using our devices sparingly just isn't fun at all.

The Battery Safe tweak on IOS 8 won't charge an empty battery when it's out of juice, but it will do something pretty helpful. When you're in the dreaded red zone, Battery Safe will try to preserve your remaining juice by closing down all battery-hungry apps. This won't affect anything important either. Users can decide what closes and what doesn’t.

5. Safe Alarm 

Apple devices are carried everywhere throughout the day. When in some places, like the office or church, it's necessary to turn the volume off so that they don't cause a disturbance. This is fine, until it's time to wake up in the morning and you remember you haven't fixed the volume.

Safe Alarm prevents you from oversleeping due to a silent alarm. The tweak separates the alarm volume from the device volume, meaning even if your phone is on mute, your alarm will still sound. There's no excuse for being late for work anymore. Unless you were reading our Cydia Masters blog. In that case, we'll let it slide.


There are many great Cydia tweaks around, but we believe the above 5 are the best for making your life easier. They solve some of the most common problems Apple users find, such as the inability to change default apps and alter screen brightness. You'll also be able to stop silly design flaws from making you late for school or work. The Location Changer is more for fun, but we know what an annoyance it is when you're trying to sign up to a service or what a video, only to be told it's not available in your state, country or location. 

iCleanerPro: Maximizing Your Phone's Memory

One question everybody with an iPhone asks is: "How can I get more memory?"

Unless you've paid the extra for the larger GB handset, or are a religious user of Cloud based storage systems, you've almost certainly run into problems finding enough space for your latest app or download.

This isn't just a Cydia-related problem either, though Cydia users most certainly suffer from space limits more than most. 16GBs just aren't enough for every app, video, song or picture that you want to keep on your phone.

One great way to get on top of your memory problem is to use iCleaner Pro. This recently updated app for jailbroken phones helps rid your device of useless garbage that may be stored on it. No, we don't mean PSY's song, Gangnam Style, we mean unnecessary files, cookies and temp files.

iCleanerPro - Maximizing your phone's memory

The Advantages

The advantage of having the app is that it saves more than your device's memory space; it saves your time, too. Going through your iPhone or iPad to find unused files is such an inconvenience and waste of an hour or too. Yet, to get the most out of your memory, it's something that needs to be done.

Thankfully, you can just automate the process. The iCleaner Pro app, which has recently undergone some changes to make it more integration friendly, makes the process effortless, and is like adding extra memory to your beloved gadget.

Other Benefits

The iCleaner Pro app is compatible with all of the latest IOS upgrades. That includes all 8.0x editions of the software.

Its intuitive nature means it's not going to touch any files you use regularly. Your precious family photos are safe, as is your music collection. The high scores you've accumulated on your gaming apps are protected, as well as your videos.

iCleaner Pro only removes stuff you don't need, and stuff you won't miss. Think accidental screenshots. Think iPhone pictures you don't care about. Think fonts, languages, unread messages and cracked files. The app will also remove out of date firmware on your device, which can give you up to 20 GBs worth of extra space.

How Does it Work with Cydia? 

The iCleaner Pro app can be configured to whichever setting you prefer. You can toggle on/off items as you please. Most people have the settings on to clean Cydia, Safari and Google Chrome (or their regular browser). However, the choice is yours.


If you're the forgetful type, or just like sticking to your routines, you can set the app to a schedule. This means it will run without you manually prompting it to. You'll get to enjoy a nice clean device without having to remember to clean it up.


When first downloading iCleaner Pro, it will be set to clean log and temp files only. This means, if you want a deeper clean, you will have to change from the default setting. This is easily done, but most don't realize the limited nature of the initial app.


Don't settle for a less than optimum jailbroken phone. Make use of one of the many effective cleaners currently around. We like iCleanerPro because of the reasons above, and because of its ever growing popularity. If you use iCleanerPro, of think you have a better device cleaner we should know about, mention it in our comments section below.

Get BigU Movies App For Free (For Jailbroken Devices)

There are many apps to watch online movies on iPhones and iPads; but not a single one is as good as BigU Movies. This cool app not only allows you to watch the movies via streaming; but also you can download those movies on your device. So, it is really good time to enjoy thousands of movies for free with this cool Cydia app.
Though BigU movies accout is not free and you need to buy it (but there is a fix for this also and you can also get a free BigU account; method for which is given at the end of the post.) So let's see how to get this app on your device and how to get a free bigu accout.

Free movies on iPhone/iPad by bigu movies

How To Add BigU Movies App On Jailbroken Device

So, let's see how you can get BigU movies app on your iDevice.
1) Go to Cydia icon and click on manage > sources (iPad users can click on sources directly)/
2) Tap the Edit button and then Add. You will be shown with APT URL box where you need to enter the repo for this app. The repo for this app is After adding it click on add source button to continue. (There is also an AppCake repo for this app)
3) You can now go back to your Cydia Sources page and you will see Official bigu Team Repo added there. Tap it to download the app on your device now.

How To Get Free BigU Account

As such bigu lifetime membership costs 19.99$ but there is a way you can get it for free. Let's see how you can do it.
1) Go to this link and tap login area.
2) Scroll to the Forgot Password and tap it.
3) It will ask you to send a mail to support. You can obtain email address from "Important Notice: Please Read" page. Wait for some time and they will send you a valid username and password for the bigu movies account.
Please note: 
1) This trick is just to make you aware about the goodness of BigU movies app. If you like it; please buy the full version.
2) This trick can stop working anytime if the developers change the method or page layout. If it does not work for you please add a comment so we can update the post for the benefit of all.

Important Features in iOS 8

Best Features In iOS 8:

Apple revealed what to expect from iOS 8 at WWDC and once Beta testing opens for developers; we will have reviews coming in for the new iOS features. Apple already previewed the features earlier last week. And as any iDevice would love to know; there prevails curiosity for these new features. Here is a list of most important features which will come into existence with new iOS 8 update.

Important Features in iOS 8

1) Battery Usage Indicator:

The annoying bit of iPhone/iPad is now taken care of. Compared to android Apple has better battery life; still it is good to know who is making dent on the battery. iOS 8 will come with a setting which will give you info on what app is eating what proportion of the battery. And this can be really handy if you need to save the battery. You can precisely pinpoint that unwanted game on the train and save that much percentage of the battery.
As far as developers are concerned; they can also use this tool to amend the necessary changes in the apps. So overall positive outcome will be:
a) You will know what is eating what % of battery.
b) Developers will work on to make apps and features which eat the least battery.

2) Predicting Keyboard:

In iOS 8; you will have taste of predictive typing in the keyboard. ( To be frank, I never liked the idea of predictive typing. Being an Indian I mostly type in Hinglish than English. But I know it is a great tool for native English speakers who would save a lot in typing.) It will give you several word suggestion based upon the characters you typed in. For example if you typed CA; it might suggest you CAB, CAT, CAR, CARE.

Apart from this; Apple has announced that they will allow developers to offer their own keyboards. Like Swype for Android; which lets you swipe on keys and not tap. This company has already shown interest in making a keyboard for iOS devices.

3) Continuity:

This is what I call taking Cloud to new heights. Apple has announced that they will increase the connectivity among iDevices to a level that you may start work in iPhone and finish it off in iMac. As these devices recognise each other (due to same Apple id) you just need to press one button to keep continuity. 

4) Camera Features in iOS 8: 

Smartphone companies know that 50% plus people still decide the fate of a smartphone by checking its camera. And this is why we have seen multi megapixel cameras within a span of decade and it all started with blurry VGAs.
Apple keeps simple interface for its cameras. But for iOS 8 camera they have decided to add two more features and they are: 3 Second Timer and Time-Lapse-Capture for videos. Apart from these there might be focus and interface features too; in new iOS 8.

5) iCloud Photo Storage:

Apple has added storage upgrade feature in iCloud library (cost is 0.99$ a month for 20 GB). For iOS 7; iCloud will save last 1000 photos automatically for free. For iOS 8, 5GB storage will be free and images and videos will be instantly uploaded to iCloud. The new storage upgrade will be possible as high as 1TB. 

6) Family Sharing:

Apple has finally taken a step on merging the Apple ids with feature called Family Sharing. With this feature designated family members (up to 6) can share all their iTunes content. Best feature of Family Sharing is; parents get notified when their child is trying to buy something from App Store. And they have option of either allow or deny this purchase (this definitely puts smile on people whose children buy anything using their credit card).

7) Interactive Notifications:

This is one more feature which will save a lot of time for iPhone users. You need not to open specific app for example messages to reply to a notification of message. Notifications are interactive in iOS 8 and you can reply it from notifications area itself. And you can do so without unlocking the device. Well, people might critic it on the privacy and safety; so Apple has put an option to enable/disable this feature.

8) Messages:

There are some cool features announced in messages too. This include the audio and video sending facility. With the option of self-deleting the audio and video messages after specific time. You will also be able to share your location through messages and might want to try Do-Not-Disturb feature for long group conversations.

9) Widgets:

Widgets will allow apps to share information (data) and functions with other apps.

 10) Lockscreen App suggestions:

iOS 8 will be packed with lockscreen app suggestion feature. There will be an App Store like icon on your lock screen and when you swipe it up; it will give you some apps suggestions based on your location etc. For eg, you might get McDonald's app suggestion; if you are walking across fast food chain's tore with App Suggestor on.

 11) TouchID for Applications:

TouchID started with iPhone 5S gets new level in iOS 8. With this new software upgrade developers might allow users to delete all passwords stored for an app with the TouchID.

 12) iCloud Drive:

This will be cloud saving system which will take many frustations away. This will allow you to save file formats which were not compatible on iPhones yet viz. PDF. It will be just like Google Drive or DropBox.

What do you say: These are what we feel to be the best features of iOS 8. Let un know your views on it. You might rate some other features to have upper hand than those listed here. Drop it in comments so all can be benefited.

WallCycler - Cydia Tweak For Wallpaper

Change Wallpaper Every Time You Unlock Your iPhone

Are you kind of person who wants to see new things all the time. Then this is the tweak for you. This is my all time favourite Cydia tweak for wallpaper. The tweak is called as WallCycler and it does a simple yet good adjustement to your iPhone/iPad wallpaper. If this tweak is enabled; every time you unlock your device you get a different wallpeper. And you can also manually change it by using activator gesture.

This tweak is available on Ryan's beta repo. And you can find it here:

How it works?

wallcycler - cydia tweak for wallpaper

This tweak does not have a preference panel. You can go to Settings>Wallpaper & Brightness>Choose Wallpaper and select the album of your choice. Once you do this; a pop-up box will appear asking you if you want to cycle the images from this album.  And next time you unlock your device the wallpaper will be cycled to next image from the album. If you want manual control over wallpapers; you can assign activator gesture to a cycle-wallpaper changer; which should force the background and prompt it to change command.

What do you say?

Try WallCycler and let us know whether this Cydia tweak for wallpaper is worth a try or not. I certainly liked it being simple, easy to use and changing the wallpaper every time after unlocking. Big kudos to the fresh look every time you unlock your device.